Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Assignment #5 Video Reenactment and Viewing

The video I chose to reinterpret is entitled "Autumnal." It was filmed by experimental filmmaker Scott Nyerges.

My interpretation follows the first two minutes and forty five seconds of the video. It was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, using a variety of lenses and household materials. I edited it using Final Cut Pro 7.

Autumnal - Recreated by Jessica White from Jessica White on Vimeo.

I was not interested in re-creating any of the experimental videos with actors. Wanting something along the lines of Stan Brakhage, I decided on the video by Nyerges. Autumnal is a somewhat disturbing, moving piece, and the music compliments it nicely. I enjoyed trying to re-create the different shots, and I was constantly surprised by the strange shots I was able to get. I don't normally work with such bright colors, so it was fun to edit the different shots and play with them in post-production.


  1. Jessica,
    Amazing work! This is one of the strongest pieces in the class. You were inspired in both your choice and your approach to the assignment. I very much appreciate that you sought to make this work your own, as "inspired by" as opposed to simply making a direct copy of the original. The visualizations of the organic forms is quite hypnotic and is a proper tribute to the original work.


  2. jessica exhibits an ability to recreate authentically. she has a grasp of the logistics combined with the artistic ability to relay her objectives, well done! ~vicki vallis